Caterpillar C32 Breakdown


East Coast Diesel originally got a request to attend the vessel in Southampton to investigate heavy breathing to theĀ  port engine.

Upon investigation the problem with the engine was quite apparent, when the engine was running there was a knocking noise to the right bank.

Our engineer then removed the rocker cover and cylinder head consequently the problem was soon discovered after removing the head.



The above image shows the damage to the valve seat and valve hence the knocking noise. The customer was advised of our findings which the decision was made to remove the engine for complete stripdown due to the engine nearly at the hours required for overhaul. Because of the unexpected breakdown this engine was required to be overhauled on overtime basis 12 hour days including weekends to enable this to be installed back into the vessel within the shortest time frame. Once the parts were received this engine was Built up, dyno tested, installed and sea trialed all within 5 days.